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T A C T I L E 

Tactile Ensemble explore unsighted musical creativities  We work under blindfold and perform in blacked out spaces.

The band devise music through improvisation, employing tactile backbone scores and aural cues to create musical architecture.

Tactile scores by Jackie Walduck

Shoreline (2015): composed for Tactile

shoreline with Adrian Lee and James Risdon

White Oak Variations (2018): composed for Ludi Kernow Guitar Quartet; also performed by Tactile

The music was beautiful,intricate and layered, and the experience of listening in the dark gave it a crackling, visceral quality. 

Audience member, Vortex.

Like nothing else I've experienced.  Absolutely amazing!"

StAudience member, Thornham, Suffolk.

"Strange, different, haunting, perspective challenging

Audience member, Thornham, Suffolk. 

Tactile performances include interactive elements that induct the audience into an unsighted environment, in which other senses come to the fore: tactile, aural, spatial and proprioceptive


Sensing Nature

Sensing Nature (2017) was a site-specific piece created in collaboration with Waveney and Blyth Arts.  Tactile composers Jackie Walduck and Adrian Lee created a sound trail around the site, based on the sounds of indigenous species: crickets, grasshoppers, weasels, bats, chaffinches, cuckoos, blue tits, great tits and wrens.  A blindfold audience was led around the site to experience music in varied habitats.

SN audience.jpg
Vibraphone went native in Suffolk this w
Sensing Nature Sound Trail A4 SIGHTED Po
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