Viiibin and Maaarblin audio-visual duo

Jackie works with artist Chloe Cooper to create multisensory works using water marbling and live sound.  This has developed as a zoom and a live practice, exploring trance, looping, layering, building and disintegrating of sound and image.

The images on this page were all created by Chloe Cooper, in real-time collaboration with Jackie's music. 

Vibin and Marblin album

Vibin and Marblin album, released August 2021.

Vibin and Marblin by Jackie Walduck and Chloe Cooper has been released on the streaming site that sends proceeds to musicians - Bandcamp.  The 5 tracks explore mesmeric vibes textures that riff off of Chloe's marbling, reflecting and refracting states of calm amidst internal chatter, the sensory experience of fluorescent light, anticipation and the delight of creative process.  Chloe's gorgeous album art is available as an accompanying download.

Visit, listen and download from here:



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