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The Migration Game (2017)

The Migration Game was commissioned by Spitalfields music, and first performed as part of their Winter Festival 2017.

Migration Game is a game opera, in which the audience are positioned as migrants.  They are galvanised by the Spirit of Hope to explore new the world, only to find themselves confronted with a challenge to cross the border.  To do this, they must solve musical puzzles.  But beware, should anyone try to cross without permission, penalties will be applied!

Libretto by Hazel Gould

Hope sings_edited.jpg
puzzle solving tac.jpg
stampers dark.jpg
The Spirit of Hope (Filomena Campus) sings

Red tape: but which piece is the right piece?

The Stampers Chorus - staff of the Migration Office

A Midsummer Night's Itch: Ignite Ensemble

Ignite is an improvising chamber ensemble specialising in socially-engaged work.

Formed by Jackie Walduck and Wigmore Hall Learning, Ignite and Wigmore Hall have commissioned nearly 30 pieces for improvising ensemble from diverse composers: Param Vir, Kerry Andrew, Gwilym Simcock, Stephen Warbeck, Priti Paintal, Jason Yarde, Errollyn Wallen, Martin Butler, Joe Cutler and Jackie Walduck.

A Midsummer Night's Itch (2012) steals music from Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream overture, and adds summer heat, mosquitos, allergens, and a touch of magic.

Midsummer Nights ItchIgnite Ensemble
00:00 / 04:20
Ignite playing.jpg

Ignite Ensemble are: Daniel Parkin - flutes, Vicky Wright - clarinets, Jackie Walduck - vibraphone, Lucy Shaw - bass, James Barralet - cello

Photo: Hannah Strijbos

SkeeterIgnite Ensemble
00:00 / 01:04

Melodic material in Skeeter is based on mosquito wingbeat sounds, and the wonderful fact that males adjust their wingbeat frequencies to to match those of females with whom they plan to mate.

The Edge of Forming : maaarblin' and viiibin' audiovisual duo.

 The Edge of Forming was created with marbling artist Chloe Cooper.  It exists as an audiovisual work, in which a QR code is embedded in a digital image of a marbled print.  The Qr takes the listener to this track, when scanned with a mobile device.

The Edge of Forming explores a desire to be quiet - to disappear between sounds, or marks or grains of silt.

Digital image (extract): Chloe Cooper

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