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J A C K I E 

W A L D U C K 


L I S T E N 

Listen to music by Jackie Walduck here:

EW Moon River LJF 2016Ethereal World: Moon River
00:00 / 05:51
Sensing Nature: WeaselsTactile Ensemble
00:00 / 04:32
N E W S 

Delighted to announce that Electric Medway Festival, run by the excellent Sparked Echo, have commissioned a live version of Miso Kitchen to be performed on Auguest 29th as part of Electric Medway Festival.  Venue: Sun Pier House, Chatham.  6pm

Further details here:

Jackie's music and paper marbling exhibition with artist Chloe Cooper opened in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital this spring, as soon as Covid restrictions allowed.  More on the Events Audiovisual  work page

September 2021 sees the Beyond Stereotypes conference on Autism, at the University of Kent.  This will showcase the work of the Playing A/Part team,  which researches the imaginative and sensory worlds of autistic girls.  Further details here:

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